We’ll Never Surrender

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I can still remember the feeling of coming off the road in the spring of 2015, and how excited I was about the feeling of being on the road. There’s nothing quite like organizing a string of shows across Canada for many months and then finally following through on the tour dates, and having experiences and memories that you’ll cherish for a lifetime. One thing that I couldn’t shake however, was the feeling that things weren’t progressing in my career as smoothly as I would have liked (can any else relate to this feeling?).

If you have seen any of my press photos, you may noticed that I look pretty beat up in some of them (like somebody kicked my ass in a back alley!). Despite what a few people who commented on Facebook might have thought, the cuts and bruises aren’t real! At least not on the outside.

Despite it all, I figured, I should carry on and book another tour later in the fall. Around that time an old childhood favourite song of mine “Never Surrender” by Cory Hart was always in my head. Maybe it’s because I’m a child of the eighties, or that he’s a fellow Canadian, or that his manager almost once signed a band I was in, but I’ve always had a soft spot for Corey’s impeccably produced 80s goodness. I decided it was the perfect cover song for me to attempt at the time, and a rallying cry for myself to get back out there and persevere. In the end, we even made a cheesy, totally lo-fi music video for it and had a real blast putting it together. And the track ended up being my top streamed track on SoundCloud ever!

Did anyone else have this on vinyl!?

And really in the end, it’s not the accolades and recognition that keep me going-Its something more than that. It’s about the ability to celebrate the things I love in my life and sharing that with the world. It’s about trying to set a good example for my son, that if you stick to your guns and work hard enough you can follow your dreams. It’s about the feeling of camaraderie I have with my wife, bandmates and the small team of people I’ve built along the way to help me make music and do what I do.

And above all it’s about you the listener. You make it possible for all of this to happen, and you heal the scars deep inside.

To celebrate you guys, I wanted to share my track with you for free – no strings attached.

Download my version of Never Surrender here.

My version is a bit of a departure from the original with it’s distorted guitars and alt-country inspired steel guitar, but it was a blast and honour to get to record the track.

If you like the track you might also consider checking out The New Great Game. It’s my latest album and it’s full of my grandly theatrical brand of rock that is intended to provide listeners with catharsis from the personal struggles and critical inner voices that we all struggle with. 🙂

What about you? Do you have an experience of triumph or overcoming an adverse experience in life? If so, I’d love to hear about it in the comments section below.

Keep on rocking!


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