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Forever Man vs. The Last Train Home

Eric Clapton and John Mayer are two of the most celebrated guitarists of our time. Both artists have released some of the most iconic music of the past few decades, and their influence on the music industry is undeniable. Interestingly, there are some striking similarities between Eric Clapton’s video for “Forever Man” and John Mayer’s video for “Last Train Home.” In this blog post, we will explore these similarities and examine how Eric Clapton’s video influenced John Mayer’s video.

Enuff Z'nuff | Discographie | Discogs 2023-04-03 09-17-42

Enuff Z’nuff is a hair metal band that formed in the late 80s and achieved moderate success in the early 90s. While they may not be a household name like Motley Crue or Guns N’ Roses, Enuff Z’nuff brought something unique to the hair metal movement: a focus on melody and harmonic richness. They drew on classic songwriting influences, particularly the Beatles, to create a sound that stood out from the rest of the hair metal bands of the time.

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